Friday, February 25, 2011

What does a coati sound like?

  Over the years a lot of people have asked me what a coati sounds like.  Here's a great clip that demonstrates just one of MANY 'squeaks' that a coati will use to 'talk'.  Despite what people think about animals, many species have very complex systems of growls, snarls and chirps.  Coatis are no different.
  Here's just one of the many types of 'squeaks' that come from the coati.
  One thing to note about this particular squeak.  If you listen closely, you'll catch sort of a grunt at the end of its snarl.  This small, almost insignificant grunt means that the coati is 'on alert'.
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  1. I want to thank you for finding the good samples of coati sounds and behaviors and explaining them. It can be hard quite convincing people I didn't make the species up, so, your work's appreciated.